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Monster Mate Hunt Series – Book 2

get foxed monster mate hunt book 2 by sakura black

Get Foxed

It’s finally happened.

As much as I fought against it, I’ve woken up in the one place an ex-soldier never wants to find themselves—behind enemy lines.

Now, the fae are hunting me through an enchanted forest, and I know the terrifying reason why.

There’s one stalker in particular who I can’t seem to shake; a violent kitsune with a wicked grin that sets my pulse racing for more reasons than it should.

He claims to be my fated mate, offering me his heart, but how can I trust someone who seems utterly unhinged?

I don’t have time to play his games. I’m not the only one in danger, and I’ll stop at nothing to find my real mate.

But when a nightmare from my old life reappears, I can’t run from my demons any longer.

Can I defeat the monster from my past? Or will a new one take my heart first?

Get Foxed is a spicy, fast-burn, why choose paranormal romance novella with more love interests introduced throughout the series.
This series is set in the same universe as the completed Fae Mate Hunt series, with some crossover, but can be read independently.

Trigger Warnings:

  • Swearing and vulgar language
  • Graphic violence and gore
  • References to attempted sexual assault (no on-page assault)
  • Explicit sexual scenes (with a monster male)
  • Primal kink
  • Biting and blood drinking (vampiric fae)
  • Knotting
  • Being stalked and hunted (through a forest)
  • Kidnapping

The second instalment of the Monster Mate Hunt Series, coming 20 October 2023.

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