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Hunted by the Minotaur

Fae Mate Hunt Series – Book 2

hunted by the minotaur fae mate hunt book 2 ebook cover

Hunted by the Minotaur

Despite what all the romance books say, being kidnapped by hot aliens is overrated.

I’d thought being whisked away from my boring life in the human realm would be the most dramatic thing to happen to me. Turns out, it’s not just hungry wolf shifters that I need to worry about during the mysterious Hunt.

When a familiar fae with piercing aqua eyes and a sharp crown of bones interrupts the possessive declarations of the wolfen Alpha, I seize my opportunity to flee the battling fae.

Even enchanted forests should have emergency exits…right?

But I find more than I’d bargained for beneath the glittering gold leaves. A sweet minotaur with a hidden dark side needs my help.

Hunting me through the night isn’t exactly the politest way to ask, though.

To save him, will I give in to the desire sparking between us? Or hunt my own salvation?

*This 16k word spicy short story novella is the second book in the Fae Mate Hunt series (so please mind the slight cliff). It’s an adult monster romance intended for mature audiences. This is a fast-burn, reverse harem story, where the heroine doesn’t have to choose. More love interests are introduced throughout the series.
Contains swearing, mild violence and steamy scenes with magical fae males (because monsters need love too). If you have delicate sensibilities, maybe give this one a hard swerve…

Trigger warnings:

  • Swearing and vulgar language
  • Graphic violence
  • Kidnapping
  • Use of inhibition-lowering magic (likened to a shot of alcohol) before agreeing to intimacy
  • Explicit sexual scenes (with multiple monster males and mm elements)
  • Dominance
  • References to breeding and knotting
  • Biting and blood drinking (vampiric fae)
  • Primal kink

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