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The Nymph’s Dark Pleasure

Fae Mate Hunt Series – Book 0.5

The Nymph's Dark Pleasure By Sakura Black A Fae mate hunt novella Book Cover

The Nymph’s Dark Pleasure

A night of partying should have been just what Newbury needed to get over her latest break-up.⁠

She didn’t know she needed help until a powerful fae rescues her from a pushy minotaur. She runs from the violence, until the sexy stranger hunts her down and heals her.⁠

Will she take a chance on her dark saviour or flee from him again?⁠

The Nymph’s Dark Pleasure the prequel to the Fae Mate Hunt series (Book 0.5). It’s a short and steamy adult monster romance novella intended for mature audiences only.

Contains swearing, mild violence and steamy scenes with magical fae (because monsters need love too). If you have delicate sensibilities, maybe give this one a hard swerve…

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