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Their Concubine Queen

Fae Mate Hunt Series – Book 5

their concubine queen fae mate hunt book 5 ebook cover

Their Concubine Queen

Just when I thought I was coming to terms with the emotional rollercoaster that was the Hunt, it’s finally bloody ended.

You’d think I’d be happy, right? After all, I’d spent the whole time trying to escape. Except when I was… um… distracted.

Well, being magicked away to a fancy ballroom and told to prepare for the Claiming didn’t sound like much of a step up from running through an enchanted forest in lingerie.

At least this time, I’m stuffed into a posher dress and fed some snazzy canapes while I try to make it through their celebration ball in one piece.

But as the crooked Council turns up, and the Claiming takes place, will my mates choose me like they promised? Or betray me in my time of need?

Will I finally get to go home?

*The thrilling conclusion to Paisley’s story in the Fae Mate Hunt series. This short and spicy novella is a reverse-harem adult monster romance intended for mature audiences.
Contains swearing, mild violence and steamy scenes with multiple partners, incl. mm elements, and magical fae males (because monsters need love too). If you have delicate sensibilities, maybe give this one a hard swerve.

Trigger warnings:

  • Swearing and vulgar language
  • Graphic violence
  • Kidnapping
  • Explicit sexual scenes (with multiple monster males and mm elements)
  • Reverse harem
  • Dominance
  • Biting and blood drinking (vampiric fae)
  • Primal kink
  • References to being siblings / twins (related by magic not blood) between intimate partners

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