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Fleeing the Feline King

Fae Mate Hunt Series – Book 4

fleeing the feline king fae mate hunt book 4 by Sakura Black ebook cover

Fleeing the Feline King

The man of my dreams is holding me captive.

In his defence, he did technically ask before kidnapping me.

In my defence, I didn’t want his pride of sabre-toothed beasts to tear apart the males I was starting to care for.

It’s no wonder I tried to flee the sinful fae the first chance I got.

After a slight misunderstanding with momentum foils my escape, my captor decides on more… extreme measures.

Who knew shackles even came in solid gold?

Trapped and vulnerable to his hungry gaze and teasing touch, the passion between us builds.

The Feline King may have been the reason I’d been Selected for the Hunt in the first place, but the monstrous fae is more than he seems. Beast and man in equal measure, the shifter might just have a heart beating under all that smug sarcasm and sculpted muscle.

When a familiar dominant Alpha comes to my rescue, will I finally be set free? Or will I find out just how many benefits there are to being captured by the fae?

Either way, the Hunt can’t last forever.

*This short and spicy novella is the fourth book in the Fae Mate Hunt series (so please mind the slight cliff). It’s an adult monster romance intended for mature audiences. This is a fast-burn, reverse harem story, where the heroine doesn’t have to choose. More love interests are introduced throughot the series.
Contains swearing, mild violence and steamy scenes with multiple partners and magical fae males (because monsters need love too). If you have delicate sensibilities, maybe give this one a hard swerve

Trigger warnings:

  • Swearing and vulgar language
  • Graphic violence
  • Kidnapping
  • Use of inhibition-lowering magic (likened to a shot of alcohol) before agreeing to intimacy
  • Explicit sexual scenes (with multiple monster males and mm elements)
  • Reverse harem
  • Dominance
  • Biting and blood drinking (vampiric fae)
  • Primal kink
  • References to being siblings / twins (related by magic not blood) between intimate partners

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